The Yorkshire Party believe that politics are not about playing a game ... but about real people facing real life issues! click here
Is this the best opportunity that we can offer young people to use their talents .. we think they deserve better. click here
While the richest are getting tax cuts, the poorest are suffering a growing burden. The bedroom tax is an appalling instrument that compares to the hated Poll Tax. click here
We think it's time for an intelligent debate about immigration rather than the scare tactics used by so many of today's polititians click here
Austerity is not working, it's time to change the life of those, who have no hope! click here

Looking for new members in SESKU

We are currently looking for new members in the South Elmsall, South Kirkby and Hemsworth area. If you live in the are and are interested then please click HERE ....

The scandal of Minsthorpe Pool

Becoming a member of the Yorkshire Party means that you will be joining a community of people who are dedicated to making a change in their communities.....

Become a party supporter

The Yorkshire Party wants to learn and work with passionate people. Together we want to build a network of supporters who can help shape all of our futures.

Want to Donate and support us

The Yorkshire Party doesn't get donations from big corporations and union. It relies on its members and supporters for funding making it a truly independent voice.

There are many different ways to become involved with the Yorkshire Party.

Party Activists

Party activists are a vital asset of the Yorkshire Party because we cannot rely on the media to promote our policies to the public. And, unlike the mainstream parties, we don't have millions of pounds to spend on advertising campaigns. We have to rely on our activists to promote, recruit, campaign and win elections. This is why they are so valuable.

Party Supporter

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Party People

The Party exists because none of the old traditional political parties represent the interests of ordinary working-class people or those who want a fairer, more equal and just society. Party people are individuals who want to meet together and create networks for the Yorkshire Party right across our communities.